Muslims Under the Microscope

Title Author Date
Terrorists? Not us says the London School of Islamics Alan Caruba 12/27/2007
Unhappy Muslims Alan Caruba 9/25/2004
The More Things Change Alan Caruba 4/25/2004
A Great Adventure for Muslims Only Alan Caruba 9/20/2005
All War, All The Time Alan Caruba 7/31/2005
English versus Arabic and Spanish Alan Caruba 11/30/2004
A Muslim Manifesto for America? Alan Caruba 10/28/2006
The Ted Bundy of the Middle East Alan Caruba 9/22/2006
What the Pope Actually Said Alan Caruba 9/18/2006
The European Intifada Alan Caruba 11/10/2005
The “Barbarity” of the West Alan Caruba 1/16/2008
It’s Not Easy Being Muslim Alan Caruba 3/20/2010
Muslims Killing Muslims Alan Caruba 6/14/2013
What's in the Bag? Bassam Darwich 10/25/2006
Why Do These People Hate Us? Bassam Darwich 9/30/2001
A Complex Waiting to Be Solved Bassam Darwich 11/2/2003
Burning the Qur’an is the wrong thing to do! Bassam Darwich 8/15/2010
Let’s call a spade a spade. Bassam Darwich 11/7/2014
Love your enemy, but don’t share your home with him Bassam Darwich 12/1/2014
Islam’s Allah is Definitely Greater than God Louis Palme 11/8/2017
Re-boot your common sense: Victims or Opportunists? Louis Palme 9/16/2015
The Evolution of Muslim Mall Ministries Louis Palme 10/4/2015
American Illustrated Quran – an elaborate sham Louis Palme 4/24/2016
2016 Olympics: Why Muslims Can’t Jump Louis Palme 8/25/2016
Muslims to Muslims: “Knock off this crap!” Louis Palme 9/6/2016
Islamic Fascism Doubles Down for Trump’s Presidency Louis Palme 1/13/2017
Combatting the Muslims-as-Victims Meme Louis Palme 8/2/2017
How Muslims Understand History Louis Palme 9/12/2017
What are the good things Arabs and Muslims have done? Louis Palme 8/7/2015
Question of the Day: Why Publish Things That Hurt the Sentiments of Muslims? Louis Palme 1/11/2015
MSA Convention 2015 – Milder or Just Muted? Louis Palme 1/24/2015
Muslims shoot themselves in the foot – again Louis Palme 2/28/2015
Muslim Manifesto for UK Louis Palme 3/7/2015
Muhammad and His Crimes against Humanity Louis Palme 3/27/2015
CAIR loves democracy – so long as it doesn’t contradict Sharia Law Louis Palme 4/16/2014
Busy Night at the 3rd Street Promenade Information Table Louis Palme 7/4/2014
Confronting the Hired Muslim Missionaries Louis Palme 12/27/2013
35 Arabic Words Banned for Non-Muslim Use Louis Palme 1/20/2014
Open Mosque Day 2014 – Dumb and Dumber Louis Palme 10/23/2014
“Murder in the Name of Honor” Louis Palme 1/23/2010
Open Mosque – Muslims Serve up Tea and Taqiyah Louis Palme 11/2/2013
Pity, Pretext, and Prerogatives Louis Palme 8/18/2013
Respect the Prophet (Unless You Live in Mecca or Medina) Louis Palme 3/17/2013
Muslim Brotherhood Deception In Translation Louis Palme 6/27/2012
What the Imams Told Students at the Muslim Student Association Conference Louis Palme 1/29/2011
Muslim Prayers Louis Palme 7/20/2012
Did Muslims Discover America Before Columbus? Louis Palme 10/12/2012
Deference as a Cover for Defects Louis Palme 10/12/2012
Sign of Piety or the Mark of the Beast? Louis Palme 12/1/2012
The Reaction of Muslims to the Suicide Bombings Sue Vogel 6/23/2006
The Christmas Travesty at the Sacred Heart Sue Vogel 1/3/2007
If You Are a Muslim.. So I'm Not! Youssef Mouzahem 8/8/2006
An Apology to the Pigs of the World Barbara Stock 5/25/2004
Perhaps It Is Time! Eden 9/24/2001
The Tide May Be Turning Ohmyrus 12/13/2006
Will Muslim Immigration Destroy Western Democracy? Ohmyrus 10/10/2006
Why they Fight Ohmyrus 7/22/2006
The Roots of Muslim Paranoia Ohmyrus 4/12/2006
They Still Call Us Their Dogs Joseph Abdel Wahed 9/22/2006
Blasphemy and Islamic Outrage Tom Carew 2/17/2006
All For One Amit Ghate 4/4/2006
The Devious Fight for Supremacy Carl Jacoby 4/4/2006
Protests mark pivotal time to act in Islam's unholy war Rachel Williams 3/14/2006
Reform vs. Islamism in the Arab World Today Menahem Milson 8/22/2005
Simmering Volcano Rick Mathes 8/30/2004
Liberals, Arab and Muslim, Please… Valentina Colombo 7/10/2007
Why Most Terrorists are Muslims? Abdul-Khaliq Hussein 8/26/2006
Teach Arabic or Recruit Extremists? Daniel Pipes 9/7/2007
Ban the Burqa - and the Niqab Too Daniel Pipes 8/1/2007
Islamic Perspectives on Extremism and Moderation Chris Chrisman 11/4/2013
The Myth of Islamophobia Jocob Thomas 12/23/2008