Bassam Darwich / Sep 30, 2001

"Who amongst you wishes to see America go to war against the terrorists?" A television broadcaster asked a group of ten very young students. When the answer was silence, she asked them the same question in a different way. "Who amongst you wouldn't like to see America go to war against the terrorists?"

Ten out of ten raised their hands announcing that they don't like to see their country go to war. When they were asked why they oppose the idea of war, their answers were not sur
prising at all.

They all agreed on one thing; despite their awareness that the terrorists targeted no one, but innocent people,  they all ex
pressed concern about innocent people losing their lives who have nothing to do with those terrorists.


Some of the students said that they do not want to see children die, lose fathers or mothers. A few said that the
United States should go after those who planned the attacks and bring them to justice. And one little girl said, "If we kill innocent people, we would be doing what they did!"

Despite their innocent and sincere nature that clearly shows in their answers, these children are certainly a mirror that reflects the picture of mothers, fathers, and school teachers, all working together, hand in hand, to raise a new generation that looks at the world with a loving eye. An authentic way of raising children that shows how great and civilized this nation is.

Those are the children of a nation that is entitled to live; a nation's people that does not wish death upon the children of any other nation; a nation that does not applaud or dance celebrating other people's grief.

A nation that believes in the right of all other people to have a
prosperous and peaceful life!

A nation that does not only believe in the right of all other people to live, but also lends a sincere hand to help them live.

A nation that pauses today to wonder and ask, "Why do these people hate us?"

And the answer comes from "those", quickly and disturbingly, "because we have been raised to hate you!"

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