Louis Palme

Title Author Date
Apologists for Islam Have it Written All Over Them Louis Palme 4/5/2015
Are the Radical Muslims Following a Basic or an Extreme Version of Islam? Louis Palme 8/3/2010
Lawrence of Arabia -: As You Never Saw It Louis Palme 7/4/2015
Islam’s Allah is Definitely Greater than God Louis Palme 11/8/2017
Re-boot your common sense: Victims or Opportunists? Louis Palme 9/16/2015
Why a Muslim Could Not Be U.S. President Louis Palme 9/24/2015
The Evolution of Muslim Mall Ministries Louis Palme 10/4/2015
Found: Where Islam is the “Religion of Peace” Louis Palme 1/4/2016
Don’t be Fooled by Muhammad’s Fake “Final Sermon” Louis Palme 4/15/2016
American Illustrated Quran – an elaborate sham Louis Palme 4/24/2016
Dear Muslim, Stop Running Away from Your Quran Louis Palme 8/17/2016
2016 Olympics: Why Muslims Can’t Jump Louis Palme 8/25/2016
Muslims to Muslims: “Knock off this crap!” Louis Palme 9/6/2016
Islamic Fascism Doubles Down for Trump’s Presidency Louis Palme 1/13/2017
Combatting the Muslims-as-Victims Meme Louis Palme 8/2/2017
How Muslims Understand History Louis Palme 9/12/2017
What are the good things Arabs and Muslims have done? Louis Palme 8/7/2015
Islam’s Feeble Fatwas Against ISIS Louis Palme 8/15/2015
Al Kindi’s Dirty Dozen of Islamic Absurdities Louis Palme 1/3/2015
Question of the Day: Why Publish Things That Hurt the Sentiments of Muslims? Louis Palme 1/11/2015
MSA Convention 2015 – Milder or Just Muted? Louis Palme 1/24/2015
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman in an F-16 Louis Palme 2/10/2015
Fifty Shades of Black and Blue Louis Palme 2/15/2015
Muslims shoot themselves in the foot – again Louis Palme 2/28/2015
Muslim Manifesto for UK Louis Palme 3/7/2015
Muhammad and His Crimes against Humanity Louis Palme 3/27/2015
Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s case against Islam – Louis Palme 4/12/2015
Armenian Genocide Louis Palme 4/18/2015
Are Allah and God the Same? Louis Palme 5/17/2015
Muhammad and His Magical Cow Louis Palme 5/30/2015
ISIS or Isa? Louis Palme 6/12/2015
The Medina Charter – great for a band of thieves, Louis Palme 3/29/2014
CAIR loves democracy – so long as it doesn’t contradict Sharia Law Louis Palme 4/16/2014
Amnesia Is Setting In at the 9/11 Memorial Museum Louis Palme 4/26/2014
Islam in the Spectrum of Social Values: The Paradox of a Conservative Ideology Defended by the Left Louis Palme 5/12/2014
Busy Night at the 3rd Street Promenade Information Table Louis Palme 7/4/2014
Confronting the Hired Muslim Missionaries Louis Palme 12/27/2013
35 Arabic Words Banned for Non-Muslim Use Louis Palme 1/20/2014
Teaching Islam without warning labels Louis Palme 11/9/2014
Ten Proofs That the Quran Did Not Come From God (Allah) Louis Palme 8/28/2014
Christian Churches Under Attack in the US Louis Palme 9/1/2014
Sharia Shock Grips Moderate Muslims Louis Palme 9/28/2014
Allah is the Big Lie Louis Palme 10/12/2014
Open Mosque Day 2014 – Dumb and Dumber Louis Palme 10/23/2014
Muhammad’s 100th Name Louis Palme 7/5/2008
Muhammad and “People of the Lie” Louis Palme 11/14/2007
2008 Olympics: Why Intolerant Societies Can’t Jump Louis Palme 8/25/2008
The Fabled Superiority of Islam Louis Palme 1/2/2008
Reflecting on 10,000 Islamic Terrorist Attacks Louis Palme 1/5/2008
New Arguments in the God vs Allah Debate Louis Palme 4/10/2008
12,500 Terrorist Attacks Bring Islam’s Evil into Focus Louis Palme 1/3/2009
Thomas Jefferson’s Quran Louis Palme 6/7/2009
Fifteen Thousand Islamic Terrorist Attacks – Futility on Display? Louis Palme 3/20/2010
Sharia Law and the US Constitution Louis Palme 10/14/2009
Another Translation of the Quran is Out Louis Palme 1/12/2010
“Murder in the Name of Honor” Louis Palme 1/23/2010
How Islam Disappeared as a Religious Faith Louis Palme 12/27/2009
Why Do They Put You Through All This? (Updated) Louis Palme 12/29/2009
After God, What? Louis Palme 5/20/2009
Why Do They Put You Through All This ? Louis Palme 9/17/2009
Islamic Terror Attacks Sputtering Downward Louis Palme 1/11/2011
My Big Fat Sharia Wedding Louis Palme 11/14/2010
Revisiting Thomas Carlyle and his Hero Muhammad Louis Palme 12/11/2010
The Typewriter and the Quran Louis Palme 10/22/2010
What would Jesus Do? and What Would Muhammad Do? Louis Palme 7/21/2010
All Currency is Genuine and Valuable Louis Palme 8/24/2011
Good Stuff in the Quran Louis Palme 10/26/2011
A New Quran for 2011, but the Translator is Convicted by His Own Conscience Louis Palme 10/30/2011
Satan Trinity Louis Palme 12/16/2011
Fear Not – A Message for All Faiths, All Seasons Louis Palme 12/24/2011
Islamic Terror Attack Trends and Analysis Louis Palme 1/22/2012
Sharia Law Made Simple Louis Palme 2/19/2012
The Disgraceful and Distressing Things Omitted from Ibn Ishaq’s Biography of Muhammad Louis Palme 3/10/2012
World-wide Opposition to Sharia Law Louis Palme 3/26/2012
What Ex-Muslims Miss and Don’t Miss about Islam Louis Palme 6/12/2011
Allah is Dead - Why Islam is Not a Religion Louis Palme 2/19/2011
Is it “Un-Christian” to Speak Out Against Islam? Louis Palme 5/18/2013
Open Mosque – Muslims Serve up Tea and Taqiyah Louis Palme 11/2/2013
How Egyptian President Morsi Dismantled Democracy Louis Palme 8/18/2013
Pity, Pretext, and Prerogatives Louis Palme 8/18/2013
The Life of Mohammed - According to PBS Louis Palme 9/1/2013
2012 Summary of Islamic Terror Attacks Louis Palme 2/4/2013
2012 Islamic Terror Attacks in Syria Louis Palme 2/8/2013
Allah’s Hollow Promise of Paradise Louis Palme 2/19/2013
Respect the Prophet (Unless You Live in Mecca or Medina) Louis Palme 3/17/2013
Self-Radicalized or Self-Realized? Louis Palme 4/28/2013
Muslim Brotherhood Deception In Translation Louis Palme 6/27/2012
When Time No Longer Mattered Louis Palme 7/24/2011
What the Imams Told Students at the Muslim Student Association Conference Louis Palme 1/29/2011
Why are Muslims so touchy about the word “Beat”? Louis Palme 7/8/2012
Muslim Prayers Louis Palme 7/20/2012
Four Arabic Words – Knowing Them Could Save Our Civilization Louis Palme 9/3/2012
Did Muslims Discover America Before Columbus? Louis Palme 10/12/2012
Deference as a Cover for Defects Louis Palme 10/12/2012
Resurrecting Ibn Taimiyah’s Fallacious Arguments About Christianity Louis Palme 10/22/2012
Religion and Politics Louis Palme 11/3/2012
Sign of Piety or the Mark of the Beast? Louis Palme 12/1/2012
A Common Word Between Us and You – Louis Palme 10/12/2007
Islamic Reform? When Camels Fly! Louis Palme 9/17/2007
Temptation - Louis Palme 8/4/2007
Is Your Son Becoming an Islamic Terrorist? Louis Palme 8/22/2007
The Incredible Qur’an Louis Palme 6/10/2007