Youssef Mouzahem / Aug 08, 2006

"Two men were chatting in a very far place; they have seen it but had no possibility to reach the town to testify. We consider our previous declaration wrong; Eid will be backwarded one day." This text was not written in the 13th century, and it was not written in the South Pole; No, it was few days ago, in the middle of or new world.

Basically, I still do not understand the way by which a small group of people has dominated our life, the Muslims are still suffering the over-existence of juris
prudents "Fukaha'a" in every detail of their lives, yet they would have some role as instructors, but this has become very annoying since they have "trapped" many people pretending they own the absolute truth.

Every Islamic feast (Eid), Muslims never reach a final decision on what to be followed and how. The above mentioned statement shows clearly how deep the Islamic mental and ideological crisis is. Although
proven long time ago, still some "sheikhs" in Saudi Arabia refuse the fact that Earth rotates around the sun depending on their understanding of a Quranic verse (in surat Yasseen). How can you convince such people to believe in telescopes or the astronomical calculations? Why do we still need these people? Historically, many have suffered or exiled asking such questions.

Meanwhile, many traditional Islamists
praise the so-called "Islamic unity" although Muslims had rarely united their own occasions not to mention any economic or political attitudes. This conceived unity does not exist at any level between Muslims along their countries or places of emigration. Until now, no conventional position was taken towards major problems like hijab, women, government, and polygamy due to the vast diversity of Islamic sects and schools.

Since the degradation of Islamic civilization more than one thousand years ago, the power of clerks started to expand within the society accompanied by the withdrawal of mind and reasonable thinking, many schools appeared calling for the retraction from society and politics, these schools have settled the dictatorship of both clerks (sheikhs) and rulers (caliphates at that time,
presidents and kings today); gradually, the Muslim mind was stuck between the two totalitarian authorities who have marginalized him and kept him living the 10th century in the 21st. However, many attempts took place by courage intellectuals like Averroes who has called for a new interpretation but the result was the supremacy of the alliance of traditional islamists and rulers who buried (in fact, burnt) all his great works, accusing him of atheism which is still a valid charge until today (Naser Hamed Abu Zeid is a living example).

How many years, centuries should we spend looking for the freedom of our minds? The Muslim feels himself chained by many levels of restrictions, the authorized (halal) areas are much narrower than the
prohibited (haram) ones, and this is the reason why he lives the inconsistency in every part of his life, he is always waiting for the legal opinion (fatwa) to do or do not, even for the very small actions in his life, he is always dominated by somebody, father in the family, teachers in schools, managers at work , policemen and intelligence in streets, sheikhs everywhere, and the devil in him, how can such a mind create or invent? The doctrine of blind obedience has destroyed the Muslim's mind and turned it into gelatinous substance in the suspected hands of clerks.

The question of determining the Eid is a result of hundreds of years, a result of deteriorated ages in which our grandfathers have shared the crime, still we are the victims, but I refuse to live mind-blinded, I refuse the domination of people who are still living the 10th century, not only mentally but also formally, I refuse to hear "fatwas" about landing on the Moon from people who do not know what a plane is, I refuse to accept any economic speculation from people who only know about dates and camels, I never acknowledge any authority on my mind and right to believe, think, read, write, and act.

Dear "Mufti", if you believe in illusions, so I don't; if you follow the moon sight, so I don't; if you are blind, so I'm not; if you are a Muslim, so I'm not.

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