About Us

Mission Statement

Expose the roots of terrorism and all forms of oppression anywhere in the world, and to foster an environment for people to express their views freely.

As we accept each other differences we denounce terrorism in all its forms and encourage people from all walks of life and all nationality to join our platform for better future.

About Us

"Annaqed", (An Arabic word for "The Critic") established in June 2000 by Bassam Darwich, an American of Syrian origin, is an independent site that does not represent any government or organization of any sorts nor is influenced by any. There are a number of associated writers, each bringing their own perspective on a variety of issues.

Our articles are selective and inclusive. We publish what we see fit and do not leave out any aspect of life.

Annaqed’s main objective is to stand up for human rights all over the world but particularly in the Middle East, opposing all forms of oppression and exposing the roots of terrorism.

Although the topics are inclusive, Islam remains Annaqed’s primary focus, for we strongly believe that this ideology is the main source of terrorism and is the greatest threat to our civilization and to all mankind, including its "followers".

The Arabic section targets all Arabic speaking people, particularly the young generation, our future leaders whom we will count on to get rid of all backward regimes and ideologies for their own good as well for the welfare of the entire world.

The English section targets Americans and all Westerners, alerting them about the real teachings of Islam and the deadly mistake of considering it a religion. This section also deals with local social and political issues.