Eden / Sep 20, 2001

The above caption is a proverb of sort, meaning "kueh kioh kard" ("cross bridge throw") in Hokkien ( a Chinese dialect), and "tongat" colloquial

Malay for "walking stick" - that is "to use the walking stick to help steady the holder while crossing a bridge, to next see the holder discard it after having crossed the bridge (this bridge in rural setting, being more often than not a mere plank across a creek).
Equivalents in English being - opportunism; making use of others; exploiting others; ingratitude; "playing the other out;" discarding for another, once the former's usefulness had been fully extracted" and etc.

Very much a tactic used by mortals; including past US administrations which to, a fair extent, contributed to riling Osama (and the Afghans) to his inflicting 11/9 and recent past "spectaculars."

Very much a tactic which had been used "right up to the bloody hilt" by Mohammed and his jackals too, who then enshrined it in their most unholy Qur'an. To thus have Pakistan's President Musharraf justify his decision to "be with the US and not with his Talibans" in his address to his nation a few days back - by his devoting the first third of his lengthy speech to citing the "wisdom and brilliance" of Mohammed in getting into and discarding alliances when each had served its purpose, until his own forces were of sufficient strength to dispatch all off. Hoping that this point is not lost among the
US leadership who take delight in his decision.

Know that he is telling his people that his allying
Pakistan with the US is only until Islamic Pakistan is strong enough to similarly dispatch off the US.

Point: This tactic is an "enshrined spiritual" strategy of Islam. Nice and all ally when in the minority. Not quite so, when in the majority.

Important to note that while warmth, courtesy, consideration and niceties are all very nice and welcome - these do in many cases mask the true nature of their dispensers or their current controllers. Otherwise, there can be no basis for the conceptualization and formulation of terms like seduction, deception, guile and etc. Satan must have been a fool
and therefore most unworthy of our concern if his only modus operandi is to be all hideously scary, terrifying, bellicose, hostile and threatening.

Muslims as persons in general are in my experience too, really warm, hospitable and nice (apart from some idiots, who are also found aplenty in the other faiths including that of ours). The point we must not lose sight of is: Who is their current spiritual controller? Not to imply that we should bear ill-will to Muslims. But to motivate us to drawing
upon the love, the wisdom, the power AND THE TRUTH of the true God Almighty in freeing them from the grip of their spiritual controller. Always remember, just who is their current spiritual controller.

Most outrageous an evil to ascribe evil on Islam and its Qur'an?

Scholars had been and are still debating the contention that pre-Mohammed Christians in the Arab world had used "Allah" for the term "God." This Allah whom the Muslims assert is their Allah with, according to it, 99 attributes. Who is the author of Islam - God; Allah; man-Mohammed; God's prophet Mohammed; Allah's prophet Mohammed; or Allah-99 controlled Mohammed.

Just who is this Allah-99 - God, Allah or Satan?

Honest running through of the Qur'an and the other authentic Islamic writings (particularly those by Muslim writers on Mohammed's history and dealings) plus the going through of clear and logical process of analysis by objective deductions - must require the person to conclude that this Allah-99 of Islam and the Qur'an is Satan. Thus the inability of so many Muslims to awaken to the fact that they are under Satan's
grip and that they are Satan's sleeper-agents - until they do allow God Almighty to prise them free from this grip of Satan.

If God or even Allah had been the author of Islam, and if He had been the true and only God Almighty who commissioned Mohammed - would He have to resort to "man's ways" of "kueh kio kard tongkat" strategy to ensure that Mohammed survived to establish Islam?

Access www.answering-islam.org.uk/Silas/terrorism.htm for more comprehensive info on Mohammed, Islam and Terrorism.

Islam, religion of peace, tolerance, non-violence, truth and holiness; Mohammed, Allah's last and overriding prophet for the world today - honest truths; honest part-truths/part-untruths; honest mistakes or plain evil lie?

Honest answering of the above question will help one to determine as to whether those "holy-sounding" portions of the Qur'an are in the Qur'an to lead one to the true God Almighty, or to have one to be deceived and diverted from seeing the overwhelming nonsense/evil which is in Qur'an. No small number of serious scholars have stated, only around 8 percent of the writings in the Qur'an can be deemed to be sensible.

Why shouldn't the Christian faith and Islam co-exist? Try dealing a deck of playing cards with two ace of hearts.

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