Louis Palme / Dec 16, 2011

“Satan’s Trinity - Hitler, Stalin and Muhammad” by C. “H” Martel


Reviewed by Louis Palme


This must-read book has a simple premise – compare the lives of the three most evil people in history.  Why did it take so long for this idea to be put in print?  Probably because most people consider Muhammad a religious “prophet,” and they wouldn’t think of juxtaposing his life that those of two 20th Century tyrants.  But Islam is, at the core, a political ideology, just like Nazism and Communism, with a goal of world domination.  The main reason Islam has endured is that its promised pay-off for followers is in the unverifiable afterlife, whereas the other ideologies promised near-term successes which failed to materialize.

The similarities of these three historical figures are amazing.  They were all narcissist tyrants who had the accidental good fortune of impeccable timing. They were the ‘strong horses’ of their day, and people fell into step by the millions. But they all had fatal character flaws – Hitler over-reached, Stalin was a clumsy strategist, and Muhammad‘s revelations from on high are contradictory and indefensible.

Author Martel assembles an amazing collection of facts, anecdotes, and insights in this 187 page book.  It is hard to put down because it traces the short careers of these men through some of the most calamitous times in history.   While Hitler and Nazism were responsible for about 60 million deaths, and Stalin and Communism about 80 million, Islam’s legacy (albeit over a longer time-span) approaches 300 million lives.  Only malaria and influenza have killed more people than Islam.   

Martel believes that ultimately Islam will be subdued – not by force of arms, but rather by the truth.  “The only sane way to defeat Islam is to attack the ideology with the truth such [as] has been done in this book.”

 “Satan’s Trinity” is available in Kindle format at www.amazon.com and in book form via www.satanstrinity.com.    This is one of the best books I’ve read this year. 


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