Louis Palme / Feb 19, 2013

It’s Damn Hard to Die to Establish Islam in the U.S.:

Muslim brothers pledge to die to for Islam, so how’s that working out for them?


When members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliates such as the Muslim Student Association gather together, there is usually a militant Imam like Amir Abdel Malik on hand to lead them in the Muslim Brotherhood pledge.  Their pledge embodies many of the elements that make Muslims intolerant and militant in our society, but this article focuses on the just final vow – to die to establish Islam.


Allah is my lord.

Islam is my life.

The Koran is my guide.

The Sunna is my practice.

Jihad is my spirit.

Righteousness is my character.

Paradise is my goal.

I enjoin what is right.

I forbid what is wrong.

I will fight against oppression.

And I will die to establish Islam.


The Quran promises that someone who dies while engaging in jihad will go directly to Paradise:


Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods, and in return has promised them the Garden.  They will fight for the cause of Allah, slay and be slain. Such is the true promise which He has made them in the Torah, the Gospel, and the Quran.  Who is more true to his pledge than Allah? Rejoice in the bargain you have made.  (Surah 9:111)


Needless to say, such a promise of Paradise for killing others is not found in the Torah or the Gospel.  It is strictly an Islamic concept. Be that as it may, let’s consider what the promised “Garden” offers for those who kill and die to establish Islam.


Allah’s Paradise


  • Each Muslim is allotted 72 virgins (huris). [Sunan Ibn Majah (Book of Abstinence) 39] who remain perpetually virginal, and they are full-breasted and free from menstruation or other eliminations. [Al Ghazzali (The Revival of the Religious Sciences, Vol.4, Death and Subsequent Events) 430. See also Surah 56:35 and 78:33]
  • The Garden is flowing with rivers of milk, honey, crystal-clear water, and wine. [Surah 47:15]
  • Dwellers in Paradise are served on golden dishes and drink from golden goblets. [Surah 43:71]
  • Dwellers recline on comfortable, soft couches; they are adorned with bracelets of gold and wear garments of fine silk and heavy brocade. [Surah 18:31]
  • Trees will spread around them, and they feel neither the scorching heat nor the biting cold. [Surah 76:14]
  • Even the dregs of their purest wine smells like musk. [83:26]


Of course, engaging in jihad (to war against non-Muslims, per Sharia Law) is against the law in the United States, as well as in other countries.  So it might be instructive for American Muslims to consider the real-world consequences of their jihad activities here.  Set forth below is a list of the Islamic terror plots in the U.S., along with the consequences for the perpetrators.  As it turns out, none of these American jihadists actually reached Paradise.  Most of them have ended up with long sentences in high security prisons.  To them, dying might be preferable.  But no such luck.  Allah’s promise of Paradise is as dark and hollow as Gadhafi’s culvert.


What is prison life like?


Several books have been written by prisoners and guards describing conditions inside U.S. prisons, and the author has personally visited prisons a number of times, so the observations below are realistic and typical:


  • The first thing that hits a new arrival is the smell – barnyard orders of excrement and urine – due to constantly protesting inmates who have nothing to lose and nothing to hurl except their own body discharges.
  • Next, one is overwhelmed by the constant din of people yelling, crying out in anguish over their plight, and banging against their prison cage doors.   This goes on day and night, so quiet sleep is impossible.
  • There is no privacy.  Each cage has a stainless steel toilet/sink combo in the open for all to see.  Inmates watch one another defecate and masturbate. Clothing is optional.
  • Cells are tiny, hard, dark, and cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer.  The lights are too poor for reading and remain on at night to disrupt sleeping.
  • Food is delivered on plastic trays through a small door in the cage.  Razors for shaving are loaned out and recovered immediately by the guards.
  • Inmates who behave may get one hour a day in the “outdoor cage” where they can do push-up or calisthenics and take a shower.  This cage is merely another cell with no roof.
  • Inmates who behave may also be permitted a small black and white TV or a radio with weak, local reception only.  Other items are strictly controlled, including books which must be from the prison library only.  There is no furniture – just the bed.
  • Visits by family and friends are strictly controlled. A married inmate on good behavior might get an over-night conjugal “trailer visit” once or twice a year.  Instead of the huris of the Islamic Paradise, Muslim inmates are likely to encounter predatory homosexuals in prison.
  • In some prisons, inmates are required to work at mundane, repetitive jobs.
  • Cells are randomly searched for contraband.  Punishment for infractions may mean loss of privileges or solitary confinement.  There is no due process, that’s for sure.


Actual Rewards for Jihadists in the U.S.

So who are these heroic Muslim jihadists that the Brothers are pledging to emulate, and where are they now?

2001 Richard Colvin Reid the failed airline “shoe-bomber” life without parole
2002 José Padilla attempted to build dirty bomb; 17 years in prison
2002 “Lakawanna Six” provided material support to al-Qaeda; each up to 10 years
2003 Iyman Faris plotted to destroy Brooklyn Bridge; 20 years in prison
2003 Va. Jihad Network trained for world-wide jihad; all 11 up to 20 years
2004 Dhiren Barot plotted to destroy NYSE; life in prison
2004 Shahawar Matin Siraj plotted to bomb NYC Subway Syst.; 30 years in prison
2004 James Elshafay lotted to bomb NYC Subway Syst.; 30 years in prison
2004 Yassin Aref plotted to assassinate Pakistani diplomat; 15 years in prison
2004 Mohammed Hossain plotted to assassinate Pakistani diplomat; 15 years in prison
2005 Hamid Hayat had ties to jihadist training camp in Pakistan; 24 years in prison
2005 Kevin James, et al four plotted to blow up LA-area sites; 16 years in prison
2005 Michael Curtis Reynolds planned to blow up several sites in PA; 30 years in prison
2006 Mohammad Zaki three planned to build bombs for Iraq; 8, 13, and 20 years
  Amawi, et al respectively
2006 Syed Haris Ahmed videotaped Washington sites for jihadist; 13 years in prison
2006 Ehsanul Islam Sadequee videotaped Washington sites for jihadist; 17 years in prison
2006 Narseal Batiste, et a five plotted to bomb Sears Tower; 13 years in prison for Batiste
2006 Assem Hammoud allegedly planned to bomb NYC train tunnels; on bail after 3 years in prison
2007 Dritan Duka, et al six attempted attack of Fort Dix military base        four received life sentences; two got 33 and 5 years each
2007 Abdul Kadir, et al four plotted to bomb fuel lines at JFK airport; Kadir got life in prison
2008 David Coleman scouted the Lashkar-i-Taiba attack on Mumbai; 35 years in prison
  Headly where 166 died including 6 Americans
2008 Tahawwur Rana provided material support to Mumbai attack;14 years in prison
2009 James Cromitie, et al four plotted to bomb NYC synagogues; all got 25 years in prison
2009 Najibullah Zazi,        et al six plotted to bomb NYC Subway Adis Medunjanin got life; Zazi in prison awaiting trial
2009 Hosam Maher Smadi plotted to bomb Dallas skyscraper; 30 years in prison in plea deal
2009 Colleen LaRose “Jihad Jane’ aided assassination plan; in prison awaiting sentencing
2009 Nidal Malik Hasan “Soldier of Allah” shot and killed 13 at Ft Hood    paralyzed from waist down and in prison awaiting trial
2009 Abdul Farouk “underwear bomber” attempted to; sentenced to life in prison
  Abdulmutallab blow up NWA flight 253 over Detroit
2010 Faisal Shahzad parked car bomb in Times Square life in prison without parole
2010 Farooque Ahmed plotted to bomb Washington DC subway 23 years in prison
2010 Mohamed Mohamud plotted to blow up Christmas tree gathering convicted 1/13; sentencing Is pending in May
2011 Rezwan Ferdaus plotted to bomb Pentagon and Capitol; 17 years in prison
2012 Sami Osmakac allegedly plotted to bomb Tampa nightclub; in prison awaiting trial
2012 Amine El Khalifi plotted to suicide-bomb the US Capitol; 30 years in prison
2012 Mark Anthony Grady allegedly threatened to bomb St. Louis bldg. in prison awaiting trial
2012 Quazi Mohammad plotted to bomb Federal Reserve pled guilty; may get 30
  Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis building in New York City; years to life in prison


None of the seventy-six criminals (and alleged criminals awaiting trial) listed above did anything to “establish Islam.”  When the missionary work (dawa) of Muslims consists either of violence or deceit, nothing any Muslim does will ever help “establish Islam.”   Violence may be effective in a backward country like Mali or Afghanistan, but in the United States it just lands the Muslim brothers and sisters in prison. What else would one expect from an Allah who decrees, “We send not a prophet with miracles but to strike terror.”? (Surah 17:59)        




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