Islam Under the Microscope

Title Author Date
The Danger of Islam, Part 1 Sara Ghorab 6/30/2007
Islam’s Seeds of Self-Destruction Alan Caruba 7/30/2004
Locked in a Cosmic Battle With Islam Alan Caruba 3/28/2004
Can Islam Reform Itself? Alan Caruba 4/13/2005
Islam: The Power of “No” Alan Caruba 6/18/2007
Why Iranians Take Hostages Alan Caruba 3/30/2007
Islam’s Lethal Certitude Alan Caruba 6/26/2006
Islam: The Endless Jihad Alan Caruba 9/28/2001
The Decline and Fall of Islam (2) Alan Caruba 10/29/2003
Islam Versus Democracy Alan Caruba 6/19/2003
The Decline and Fall of Islam (1) Alan Caruba 6/5/2003
Islam's Unholy War Alan Caruba 3/7/2003
Imam Rauf, Muslim Huckster Alan Caruba 9/14/2010
Islamaphobia is Really Islam-Awareness Alan Caruba 11/9/2010
Why Islam is Different and Dangerous Alan Caruba 2/2/2011
Islam: A Battle Plan to Conquer the World Alan Caruba 4/22/2011
Hating Infidels Alan Caruba 1/23/2011
Islam's Long History of Intolerance and Violence Alan Caruba 5/29/2014
Campaign to Redefine Jihad Bassam Darwich 5/3/2013
Explore the life of "prophet" Muhammad Bassam Darwich 3/30/2006
Christianity & the Crusades - Islam & Terrorism Bassam Darwich 2/27/2015
Apologists for Islam Have it Written All Over Them Louis Palme 4/5/2015
Are the Radical Muslims Following a Basic or an Extreme Version of Islam? Louis Palme 8/3/2010
Why a Muslim Could Not Be U.S. President Louis Palme 9/24/2015
Found: Where Islam is the “Religion of Peace” Louis Palme 1/4/2016
Don’t be Fooled by Muhammad’s Fake “Final Sermon” Louis Palme 4/15/2016
Dear Muslim, Stop Running Away from Your Quran Louis Palme 8/17/2016
Al Kindi’s Dirty Dozen of Islamic Absurdities Louis Palme 1/3/2015
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman in an F-16 Louis Palme 2/10/2015
Fifty Shades of Black and Blue Louis Palme 2/15/2015
Are Allah and God the Same? Louis Palme 5/17/2015
Muhammad and His Magical Cow Louis Palme 5/30/2015
ISIS or Isa? Louis Palme 6/12/2015
The Medina Charter – great for a band of thieves, Louis Palme 3/29/2014
Amnesia Is Setting In at the 9/11 Memorial Museum Louis Palme 4/26/2014
Islam in the Spectrum of Social Values: The Paradox of a Conservative Ideology Defended by the Left Louis Palme 5/12/2014
Teaching Islam without warning labels Louis Palme 11/9/2014
Ten Proofs That the Quran Did Not Come From God (Allah) Louis Palme 8/28/2014
Sharia Shock Grips Moderate Muslims Louis Palme 9/28/2014
Allah is the Big Lie Louis Palme 10/12/2014
Muhammad’s 100th Name Louis Palme 7/5/2008
Muhammad and “People of the Lie” Louis Palme 11/14/2007
The Fabled Superiority of Islam Louis Palme 1/2/2008
12,500 Terrorist Attacks Bring Islam’s Evil into Focus Louis Palme 1/3/2009
Sharia Law and the US Constitution Louis Palme 10/14/2009
Another Translation of the Quran is Out Louis Palme 1/12/2010
How Islam Disappeared as a Religious Faith Louis Palme 12/27/2009
My Big Fat Sharia Wedding Louis Palme 11/14/2010
Revisiting Thomas Carlyle and his Hero Muhammad Louis Palme 12/11/2010
The Typewriter and the Quran Louis Palme 10/22/2010
All Currency is Genuine and Valuable Louis Palme 8/24/2011
Good Stuff in the Quran Louis Palme 10/26/2011
A New Quran for 2011, but the Translator is Convicted by His Own Conscience Louis Palme 10/30/2011
Sharia Law Made Simple Louis Palme 2/19/2012
The Disgraceful and Distressing Things Omitted from Ibn Ishaq’s Biography of Muhammad Louis Palme 3/10/2012
World-wide Opposition to Sharia Law Louis Palme 3/26/2012
What Ex-Muslims Miss and Don’t Miss about Islam Louis Palme 6/12/2011
Allah is Dead - Why Islam is Not a Religion Louis Palme 2/19/2011
Is it “Un-Christian” to Speak Out Against Islam? Louis Palme 5/18/2013
The Life of Mohammed - According to PBS Louis Palme 9/1/2013
Allah’s Hollow Promise of Paradise Louis Palme 2/19/2013
When Time No Longer Mattered Louis Palme 7/24/2011
Why are Muslims so touchy about the word “Beat”? Louis Palme 7/8/2012
Four Arabic Words – Knowing Them Could Save Our Civilization Louis Palme 9/3/2012
Resurrecting Ibn Taimiyah’s Fallacious Arguments About Christianity Louis Palme 10/22/2012
A Common Word Between Us and You – Louis Palme 10/12/2007
Islamic Reform? When Camels Fly! Louis Palme 9/17/2007
The Incredible Qur’an Louis Palme 6/10/2007
Straight from the Horse’s Mouth! J. Ahmed Salib 3/24/2006
How to defeat Islamo-fascism Ohmyrus 12/31/2005
The Leftist and the Islamist: Ohmyrus 10/3/2004
The Problem With Islam Ohmyrus 4/15/2004
Islam Warriors Looking For Saladin Ohmyrus 12/7/2002
Allah, the god of war Ohmyrus 8/12/2007
Islam Means Peace Anonymous 9/30/2001
Another Lure of Islam Antonio G. 1/1/2006
Agenda of Islam Moshe Sharon 3/24/2004
The REAL Problem with Islam Sally Bishai 6/30/2007
Are you a Good Muslim? Elie Khawand 10/13/2005
Fundamentalism is a Problem that only Muslims can solve! Elie Khawand 7/25/2005
Islam and Honor Kilings Valentina Colombo 9/28/2009
Ali al-Mugri's The Handsome Jew: Valentina Colombo 2/1/2011
Islamophobia Valentina Colombo 2/2/2011
The Role of Jihad in the Twentieth Century Dr. Norman Berdichevsky 7/21/2010
Islamic Reform? When the Truth Sets You Free! Edip Yuksel 12/15/2007