Anonymous / Mar 22, 2006

I'm a high school student attending the American school in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I'm a Roman Catholic and I'm from Syria. Life in Saudi Arabia is a living hell to all Christians. Whenever I walk in any mall in Saudi Arabia, I get those evil looks from Saudis because I'm different from them. Because I'm not wearing a thobe, because I'm wearing normal clothes!

They look as if they want to kill you because you don't look Saudi, and i'm talking only  about the normal Saudi citizens. I wear a golden cross necklace under my T-Shirts because I believe the Messiah will help me move on in this world.

Saudi males hate other males who wear gold because they believe they wont be able to reproduce sexually. So from a far perspective to any Saudi, it could be noticed that i am, in fact, wearing gold, even though the cross is hidden under the T-Shirt. And that's when normal citizens start screaming at me, shouting "Infidel!!". Then at that moment on, the Haya, or extremist Saudi men with police supporting them, come and see what is goin on. Luckily at that moment, i ran away from the mall with help from my friends. I was lucky, because if they caught me, they would have beaten me up till death.

But if a religious civilian caught me alone, he could have killed me with a knife. That's what my father keeps telling me. These people, their god, are all false, based on false beliefs. The Haya legion is composed of extremists with long beards, walkie talkie in one hand, a cop next to them, walking around the mall like a virus. They practically look for trouble, from arresting young teenage boys talking to girls, to scolding women to covering their eyes behind the veil, to dragging kids who do not go to prayer during prayer time. They look like Satan's followers, from the look on their eyes.


We are all sick of their prayers. They pray 5 times a day, to the same old song, in which in no way you can block the noise, to the same evil messenger, swearing to kill infidels. They actually tell children verses from the Koran "Al Jihad Fi Sabeel Alaah" which means the process of jihad is what God wants you to do. They believe in killing anyone non-Muslim. 2 years ago, we lived in fear. It was around the time that terrorsim was happening in Saudi. We never left our house we kept hearing stories about the beheading of the American, to the dragging of the British on the freeway using a car and going 100 km/ph.

Saudi Arabia is the cradle of terrorism, with the koran as manual. Why keep repeating Allah's name when killing the American hostage. 3 months ago, I went to my dad's clinic to fix my braces. After leaving the office to go get a drink of water, my cross came out of the T-Shirt. And, a lot of Saudis saw it. They didn't say anything, and simply put it back in. But, when i went home, i heard i caused an uprising in the clinic. A lot of patients complained about me to the clinic administration, which is in Aramco, the American Saudi oil drilling company. They were outraged, all the Saudis were willing to fire my dad. But one American employer working there silenced them, saying the boy is allowed to wear whatever he wants. That's when i wanted to leave this country, spit at it, at its religion. Life is never easy for me in Saudi Arabia. But i shall graduate soon and go to college in Canada.

P.S. (I dont want my name published. I want to use the alias Yako.)

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